Get more visitors

Ever wonder how Google, Yahoo, or other search engines decide what websites make it on the top of the list of their search results? Those websites that have made it to the top of search engines lists undoubtedly use SEO techniques to get themselves there. These search engines look for clean markup, cross link relevance, great content, and much much more to decide what sites are the best for each individual search query. Search engines also update their requirements every year, and in fact can update aspects of them monthly. Taking on this beast is trying and difficult, so why not let us do it for you.

Search Engine Usage

There are many major search engines out now, however Google, Yahoo, and Bing still hold the majority of the market.  Without optimizing for these three major search engines, you will be missing out on most of the visitor potential for your website. Globaly in 2013 Google held about 77% of the market share, Yahoo roughly 7%, and bing with almost 5.5%.  The rest of the search engines all held less then 1%.  While some things might change slightly over the next few years, I am quite confident that optimizing for these three search engines will be the best bang for your buck for years to come.



Statistics are everything. That’s why I include quarterly analytics updates for your website when you sign up for my SEO services. I primarily use Google Analytics for these updates. Each quarter I will show you how many views per month you are getting, which keywords are bringing viewers to your site, and how many views each page is receiving – you can even track how much money you have made with the website. I can fully customize these stats to meet your objectives. In essence, you’ll never find yourself guessing again; rather, you’ll know everything about your website and how it’s performing for you. My desire is to foster complete trust in our working relationship, and showing you these stats are about the best way I know how. You will see, first hand, just how much of a benefit my SEO is netting you, putting you in the know and in charge.